At The Happy Collective we design and create custom artwork and interior designs for clients throughout California. We believe that artwork and interior design should be accessible, approachable, affordable, and alive. When Myke Reilly and Aaron Kllc decided to come together under one roof they could barely contain their excitement. The collective makes use of and showcases their best talents: interior design, paintings,  furniture design, space utilization, wall treatments, customized decorative installations, and art placement. They are both strong taste makers and proponents of individual style which make for a dynamic and energetic creative chemistry.

Aaron Kllc, Designer and Builder

Aaron Kllc is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD.) As a trailblazer for the modern organic style, his furniture has appeared at a variety of stores and boutiques including the ultra glitzy ABC carpet and home in New York. His inspiration comes directly from nature but is tempered by both classical Japanese aesthetics and modern luxury furnishings. His hands on approach allows him to directly infuse contemporary homes with an uncompromised aesthetic vision. His ultimate reward is giving people a breath of fresh air, an environment that is at once stylish, comfortable, and built for happiness.

Myke Reilly, Color Specialist and Feng Shui Master

Myke Reilly is an accomplished designer who has produced interiors, websites, rock concert events, and music videos. He sees the home as a sanctuary, and that all energy and peace of mind can be improved through clarifying and constructing an optimum environment for living. The breadth of his creativity is matched only by the generosity of his spirit. He is a certified holistic breath-work practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. He unpretentiously creates a happy home utilizing texture, light, and a powerful sense of color. He draws on international sources of inspiration to create a mood that is modern, fresh, and warming to the soul.


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